Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Things 1 and 2, getting started

I heard about the University of Edinburgh's 23 Things course about 6 months ago  at a JISC event, and decided it would be interesting to take part. I think I have a fairly high level of digital literacy, however digital literacy is a broad topic and I'm sure there are  many things I'll be able to learn from this course.

I'm starting a bit late, but hopefully will catch up over the next couple of weeks.

Thing 1 involved looking at the social media guidelines for my own employer, the University of Glasgow,  however I also had a look at the University of Edinburgh's guidelines. The two sets of guidelines are quite different:  the University of Glasgow's  are aimed mainly at people using social media in an official capacity, while the University of Edinburgh's rather longer guidelines also include guidance for staff using social media as individuals. My feeling is both universities could learn a bit by looking at the other's guidelines, and and a new set of guidelines combining ideas from both would probably be better than either existing document.

Thing 2 is about setting up or a blog, so here it is!

I decided to use Blogger as that is the blogging platform I'm most familiar with. Wordpress is rather more flexible, and can be used as a Content Management System, or even as Virtual Learning Environment, however as all that is required is a basic blog blogger will do. Rather than adding my 23 Things posts to my existing blog, I've created a new blog specifically for it.